Introducing Chanse Code

Introducing Chanse Code

2018, Oct 23    

In today’s internet world, everybody learns from internet and I am not an exception. I have been learning from internet since last 6 - 7 years. So thought of giving back to the community by creating some content and share my learnings to the new comers.

I am a big fan of YouTube and always learns something from various tech channels. But all YouTube content around related topics are covering how to use it or tutorial kind of stuff. I am mostly interested to know how it works internally.

Chanse Code is born to build video content with all these APIs and mentioning how they work internally.


It is a genuine question that anybody can ask is, “What are the advantages of exploring any API’s internal work?”. And to answer this, I would like to mention below points.

  1. By knowing the internals of any API, you will able to write better code.
  2. It makes you a better developer day by day.
  3. You can build awesome libraries around those with ease.

This is the first video explaining the reason why Chanse Code is made. Please have a look at it and leave your honest feedback to improve the channel.

Introducing Chanse Code


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